The Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Culture

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The lotus is an iconic flower of purity and appears in many ancient Asian cultures. This is a kind of special flower that people love and idolize, especially in the Buddhist culture. The lotus symbol in Vietnam is the icon of Vietnamese characters and has interesting meanings in various aspects such as the culture, arts, and foods.

Meanings of Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Culture

Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Buddhism
Although there are other flowers that are more beautiful and aromatic than the lotus, the flower of lotus was chosen to be the Buddha's altar because of its philosophic meanings relating to the elegance and good behaviors of human beings that Buddha tried to teach.
Firstly, the lotus' growing periods can be understood as a representative of five characters, purity, cleansing, demureness, intactness, and perseverance. The lotus grows from dark marshes and tries to get above water surfaces to receive sunlight and fresh air, but it is not stained by dirty mud (purity). When fully grown, it purified the water around it (cleansing). Besides, the lotus lets off an elegant, light, and not too strong fragrant (demureness). During its entire life, no insects take the lotus nectar although the lotus flower is beautiful and has a fragrant scent (intactness). And despite the hard conditions of its development, the lotus still blooms into gorgeous flowers on the lakes (endurance). These are the deep messages which Buddhists recognized all through the picture of a lotus.
The picture of the lotus is also similar to the yin and yang philosophy. The flowers bloom entirely above the water, which is yang, while the rest of it underwater is a representation of yin. With this, the lotus as a whole is a perfect combination of yin and yang, of the sky and the earth.

Lotus as a Symbol of Vietnamese Characters

Lotus flowers germinate inside mud, they the purify soil to get all nutrients and rise up above water to show its beauty. The five characters of its growing periods (purity, cleansing, demureness, intactness, and endurance) are also used to describe the Vietnamese characters and as a guideline for the desired behaviors. Throughout Vietnam history, from the Chinese domination to the Indochina Wars, the Vietnamese tried to fight persistently and aggressively against the enemies to protect their countries. However, their lifestyle is simple; the Vietnamese always tried to be friendly and kind to one another. Besides the traditions of being persistent and humble, other characters like grace and diligence are always praised and taught to children by their parents or grandparents.

Features of Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Daily Life

The lotus hasn't been officially recognized as the national flower of Vietnam despite its dominance in many votes for this position. But its image is still widely attached and associated with the country, and become logos of many Vietnamese brands. For instance, the company of Vietnam Airlines official used the Vietnamese lotus symbol to advertise their brand. Around the world, tourisits could easily recognize the airplanes that bring a meaningful message to a lot of places.

Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Cuisines and Medicine

In Vietnamese cuisines, the lotus is one of the special natural ingredients that are used to cook lots of traditional food. Besides, it is also used as an effective medicine which can cure some sickness according to the Eastern medicinal approach. For example, the lotus pods are often assembled to help people decrease their high blood pressure or to stop bleeding.
Other parts of the lotus can be the main ingredients used to cook some traditional food and drink such as Vietnamese salad and lotus jelly. In Hue, the leaves of fragrant lotus flower are often used to brew tea overnight. This was one of favorite drinks served in the Vietnamese royalty and was used to dedicate to kings in the past. In the northern region, the lotus leaf is an unchangeable ingredient to use as a wrapper for “Com” (green sticky rice) because only lotus leaves can preserve the original taste and aroma of the sticky rice. The color green of the leaves is to decorate and make the dish looks more attractive.

Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Poems

Here is a Vietnamese folk - song praising the beauty of lotus:
“Trong đầm gì đẹp bằng sen
Lá xanh bông trắng lại chen nhị vàng
Nhị vàng bông trắng lá xanh
Gần bùn mà chẳng hôi tanh mùi bùn”
In the marsh, there is nothing as gorgeous as the lotus. Its combination of colors (green leaves, white flower, and yellow nectar) is perfect. And its fragrant aroma overpowers the smell of the muddy water.
From then till now, the lotus symbol in Vietnamese culture is always adored by many poets and writers. The below is another poem that uses the elegance beauty of the lotus to compare and praise the characters of president Ho Chi Minh.
"Tháp Mười đẹp nhất bông sen
Việt Nam đẹp nhất có tên Bác Hồ"

Summary of The Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Culture

Most Vietnamese were prideful when the lotus became the national symbolic icon of Vietnam. Not only it is a beautiful flower with a great combination of colors, but the lotus also represents most desired characters of a Vietnamese like grace and diligence as well as humility and perseverance. Therefore, Vietnam, with friendly and good-natured people, always welcome people from all over the world visit their country.

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