Burying a loved one is a very difficult thing to do. Throughout history, mankind has been fascinated
and sorrowed by death. Different cultures bury their dead in different ways, and with technological
advances, there are increasingly new techniques and means of burying the dead. What is common
and appropriate in one culture may be very different in another culture. Here are some of the ways
that people have been buried throughout the centuries, as well as some newly adapted methods that
have only recently been put in use
1. Cremation
Cremation is an alternate burial method chosen by many for personal, religious or cultural reasons.
Cremation is the process of disposing remains by using intense heat to vaporize and oxidize the
dead body. Ashes can then be given to relatives to disperse as they wish
2. Mummification
Mummification is typically referenced to burials of pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Today, this continues
to be a burial method using modern techniques. Modern-day mummies are created by submerging
the body in a tank of liquid that allows for the body to be remained intact and preserved over time
3. Tree Burial
Tree burial practices have been found in places such as the Philippines. This unusual burial is
achieved by placing bodies high in a tree or even entombed in tree-trunks. Bodies can also be
concealed in a coffin or blanket that will be tied into the branches of a tree. Tree burial is a creative
method of protecting the dead by keeping them away from animals
4. Ground Burial
Ground burial is a common method of burying deceased individuals. Typically bodies are placed into
a casket and buried deep into the ground in sanctioned cemeteries. Tombstones are then placed
above ground to mark the location of the body and allow people to give their respect to the deceased
5. Cryonics
Cryonics is used when an individual may not be necessarily dead such as people who are
diagnosed brain dead. The body can then undergo cryopreservation, in which the body is frozen.
This preservation technique is used with hopes that the body can be revived at later time when
improved technology can recover the individual
6. Funerary Cannibalism
Cannibalism or the consumption of a dead body, in most cultures is frowned upon and only
considered an option in extreme conditions. However, some cultures believe that cannibalism is a
way for a deceased individual’s abilities can be given to the living
7. Resomation
Resomation is an eco-friendly burial method that decomposes the body using an alkali and water
based solution under high pressure. This breaks down the body to a liquid and bone ash. The liquid
can be recycled into the ecosystem by pouring it into a garden or nature. The bone ash is collected
and placed into an urn
8. Space Burial
Another way to dispose of a deceased body is to launch remains into space using a rocket. This may
seem a little out of this world, but famous astronomers and even the creator of Star Trek have
selected this form of burial
9. Dissolution
Dissolution is one option to chemically break down a dead body. This process involves dissolving a
body with a strong solvent
10. Mass Burial
Typically, mass burials are used when multiple people have died and there is a need to quickly bury
the dead. This burial method has been a common practice in historical events such as deadly wars
and epidemics
11. Plastination
Plastination is the process of transforming the deceased body into plastic by replacing the water and
fat with silicon. Once evolved into plastic, the body can be displayed as a teaching tool in medical
schools or in exhibits
12. Memorial Diamonds
Memorial Diamonds are made by pressurizing ashes or hair of the deceased into a diamond. These
gems can be made into jewelry and serve as a keepsake of a loved one that can always be with you
13. Promession
Promession is an environmentally friendly method used to dispose a dead body by turning it into
fertilizer. The body is frozen using liquid nitrogen and shattered into an organic powder. The powder
remains are then buried into the top layer of soil, which will eventually decompose into compost
14. Hanging Coffins
Hanging coffins on the side of a cliff is another fascinating burial in the ancient world. How the
ancient people were able to situate these coffins along the steep cliff walls continues to be a mystery
that puzzles our modern-day world

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