A little Cu Chi tunnel

Ho Chi Minh City (previously called Saigon) was harshly punished during the French occupation and
during the Vietnam war. Americans shelled the area of incessant manner, making a very
inhospitable place that the only alternative was to live under the ground (Địa đạo Củ Chi) Saigon.
Many people believe that these tunnels were built during the Guerra of Vietnam against the
Americans, however they are earlier, were built during the French occupation and were expanded
during the Vietnam war.
Facts about tunnels of Cu Chi

Peasants day farmed paddy fields and at sunset, excavating tunnels. A total of 220 kilometers of
tunnels divided in 3 levels to 3 meters, 5 meters and 10 meters deep underground, where they
arrived to live more than 16,000 people.
The tunnel design is zigzag, served as a link between different villages (some tunnels pass under
rivers) and played a definite role for the outcome and the Vietnamese victory Vietnam War. Without
going any further, the leader Ho Chi Minh Viet Cong planned the Tet offensive inside the tunnels of
Cu Chi.
The Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam War
The tunnels were so good that even American camouflaged mounted one above the tunnels camp
without even noticing the presence of these.
The Vietnamese used tunnels to move from one place to another jungle, attack the enemy, and
disappear without a trace. As a curiosity, the Vietnamese stole supplies the Americans first by
logistical issues and second, to motivate the Viet Cong, every sack of rice and supplies stolen from
the American moralizaba even more if it is to the Vietnamese people, whose motto was we will fight
a thousand years.
Americans and tunnels
The Viet Cong army used the tunnels of Cu Chi to appear from nowhere, ambushing the enemy and
disappear without a trace.
The tunnels were discovered by chance by an American Sergeant, who believed having been stung
by a scorpion when in reality had sat on one of the traps placed at the entrance of an entrance to a
tunnel hatch. In the beginning was underestimated the length of the lattice of tunnels, since it was
very dangerous to send to soldiers inside the tunnels, riddled with traps and very tight to prevent the
passage of soldiers and weapons.
At first we used water, toxic and explosive gases to neutralize the tunnels, but were efectivadad
beyond the first few hundred meters of the tunnel, because the defense systems.
The U.S. Army used dogs to search the entrances to the tunnels, but were easily misled American
soldiers using avatidos uniforms or simply with soaps stolen from Americans.
After the failure, the Americans declared Cu Chi as a zone of Guerra Abierta, taking soldiers
absolute freedom to open fire at discrecionse and also be decided to bombard the area.
The Cu Chi area known as Tierra Fuego (also land of steel or steel triangle) was bombed
relentlessly, the Viet Cong had to remain for days in the tunnels without being able to leave.
Tunnel Rats
Once assumed the failure by the Americans, was created a special unit called tunnel rats, whose
purpose was to delve into the tunnels and put an end to any Vietnamese soldier.

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