How fast can a honey bee fly?

We captured these photos today of a honey bee nectaring on catmint (genus Nepeta). The bee was
moving fast. To blur the wings, we set the shutter speed at 1/640 of a second with an f-stop of 13
and IS0 of 800.
But just how fast can a honey bee fly?
Its wings beat 230 times every second, according to Douglas Altshuler, a researcher at California
Institute of Technology who co-authored research, "Short-Amplitude High-Frequency Wing Strokes Determine the Aerodynamics of Honeybee Flight," published in December 2005 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
"The honey bees have a rapid wing beat," he told LiveScience in an interview published in January
2006. "In contrast to the fruit fly that has one-eightieth the body size and flaps its wings 200 times each second, the much larger honeybee flaps its wings 230 times every second"
"And this was just for hovering," Altshuler said. "They also have to transfer pollen and nectar and
carry large loads, sometimes as much as their body mass, for the rest of the colony."
The Hive and the Honey Bee, the "Bible" of beekeeping, indicates that a bee's flight speed averages about 15 miles per hour and they're capable of flying 20 miles per hour.             
If they'e not carrying nectar, pollen, water or propolis (plant resin), they'll fly much faster!

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