PHUNG ISLAND( con phung)

Con Phung is one of four famous islands in Mekong River Delta. Con Phung Island is well-known for
its beautiful landscape, unique handicrafts and local specialties. Recently, this island appeals more
tourists to Con Phung resort with good services.
Con Phung Island is located on a floating islet amid My Tho River (a part of Tien River), in Tan
Thach Commune of Chau Thanh District (Ben Tre Province). It is about 12 km (on road) and 25 km
(by river) from the center of Ben Tre City. Con Phung Island used to be called Tan Vinh Island.
Then, this island was also named Dao Dua, means coconut religion. It is because Mr. Nguyen
Thanh Nam came here and built Nam Quoc Phat Pagoda and established Dao Dua in the early 20th
century. During the time of constructing the pagoda, workers accidentally picked up an ancient
phoenix-shaped bowl, so the land is also known as Phoenix Island and it is the popular name today.
Initially, Con Phung Island is not as large as today. Its area in the 1930s was ​​about 28 ha, but due to
abundant silt deposits every year, this island is expanded to over 50 hectares. This is one of four
islands located on My Tho River, a part of Tien River. These islands are named according to four
mascots reflecting happiness and wealth: dragon, unicorn, turtle, and phoenix. Con Rong Island is
dragon, Thoi Son Island is unicorn, Con Quy Island is turtle, and Tan Vinh Island or Con Phung
Island is phoenix. Con Phung Island has a part of preserving the status quo in relation to Mr Nguyen
Thanh Nam: museum of pictures about him, nine-dragon yard, and Hoa Binh Tower, etc. Much of
the remaining area in Con Phung Island has a layout of southern garden-style houses: dining area
on lakes and Monkey Bridge, the typical bridge in river areas of Mekong River Delta.
Tourist activities in Con Phung Island are various and interesting from visiting coconut candy,
exploring local life through exciting activities, or enjoying delicious southern food and fresh fruit in
immense orchards. Coming Con Phung Island, you will have a chance to directly witness the
process of making coconut candy of the local people: preparing ingredients, spinning candy
(cooking), rolling candy, cutting, packaging, and canning. The most prominent products of the Con
Phung Island are crafts made of body and coconut shell. The tradition of making crafts in Ben Tre
has been existing for more than a decade.
Currently, skill of local people is increasingly sophisticated along with many unique products made.
Due to materials and labor are "homemade", the price of product is very cheap. Not just in Con
Phung Island, there are many handicrafts villages around Ben Tre City. There are many unique
products, attracting tourists. Coming to Phoenix Island, tourists can visit orchards and enjoy
delicious food characterized features of this region. Also, this land appeals tourists by bright colors in
daily life of local people associated with craft products made ​​from coconut, such as coconut candy,
souvenirs from the tree, coconut shell... Besides, Dao Dua historical site of approximately 1,500 m²
is also a great tourist attraction in Ben Tre in general and Con Phung Island in particular. It still kept
fairly intact architectural items built when he lived, such as: a yard with nine dragons, Hoa Binh

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